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Today We’re Reviewing: Enthusiasm


Intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

Enthusiastic people.  We all know one, perhaps someone reading this actually is one.But when we strip down an enthusiastic person what do we get?
Filth.Absolute filth. 
Enthusiasm is a constant and perpetual drain on everybody’s emotions.  Who out there can defend the enthusiastic?  Have you ever tried to have a conversation with an enthusiastic person?
It’s not a safe way to live.  Following or god forbid, acting upon an enthusiastic lifestyle is an unmitigated disaster doomed to failure. 
So why is enthusiasm such a terrible thing the doubtful among you may ask?It’s irritating. 
However with the bad there must be a speck of light before the dank, dirty sewerage tunnel ends. 
What is this insignificant speck?  Enthusiasm is good for motivated people, people who don’t procrastinate each day by making blogs and dividing all their coins by the ones made after 2000 and the ones made before 2000. 
I rate enthusiasm 2 stars.  Whilst it may be good for the scum who refer to themselves as ‘motivated’ or ‘determined’, for the rest of us it’s bloody annoying. 

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